Dioko Ventures targets early stage investment opportunities with a focus on healthcare services and information technology meeting the following criteria: 


Healthcare and technology startups led by strong management teams with sector specific expertise

Ventures at an early stage enabling the fund to obtain meaningful ownership and serve on the board of directors to help the company as they scale

Business investment opportunities that are driving change in healthcare and helping current institutions adapt to a world in which they must be better, faster, and cheaper

Technologies that are largely outside the scope of healthcare EMR solutions



Investment Criteria

Industry: Healthcare Services & Information Technology

Investment Size: $500,000 - $1,500,000

Revenue Requirement: $50,000+ Annual Run Rate

Location: The fund has a focus on Western North Carolina, but has the ability to invest anywhere in the U.S.  


Pitch Dioko

We are specifically focused on software solutions that make processes faster, better, and cheaper within the healthcare system. These often have recurring revenue models and are disrupting an outdated, manual process. 

If you have a business that meets this investment criteria, please email us your company's presentation.