Novarus Healthcare Announces $750,000 Investment by Dioko Ventures

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 20, 2016 - Novarus Healthcare, Inc (Novarus), a healthcare IT solutions development company, is pleased to announce a $750,000 equity investment from Dioko Health Ventures (Dioko), an early-stage investment fund focusing on healthcare services and information technology.

Novarus develops IT service solutions for employers to make healthcare, employee engagement, and benefits delivery better, more efficient, and less expensive. The funding from Dioko will allow Novarus to continue to enhance its technologies and expand its reach.

"This investment from Dioko will allow us to continue to refine our offerings and bring our solutions to more companies," says Novarus Managing Principal Tom Hearn. "We appreciate Dioko's support of our mission - to address common problems for employers through quickly implemented, affordable, and proven solutions."

Novarus Healthcare has two technology services to date. Novarus EmployeeConnect is a mobile app helping employers engage employees, facilitate collaboration, promote company objectives, and drive efficiency, as well as offering easily accessible benefits information for employees. Novarus BERT is a solution for companies to manage benefits invoice reconciliation by identifying and resolving errors, quickly leading to significant cost savings.

Matthew King, Managing Partner at Dioko Ventures, has joined Novarus Board of Directors.

"Employee benefits continue to become more expensive and complicated," says King. "We've seen how Novarus's tools can make employers more efficient in their utilization of benefits, and look forward to watching the company grow."

About Novarus Healthcare: Founded in 2011, Novarus Healthcare LLC is innovating healthcare and benefits through creative, value-driven partnerships, and progressive mobile and web technology. For more information, visit

About Dioko Ventures: Dioko Ventures is an early stage investment fund with a focus on healthcare services and information technology. Dioko is strategically located with offices in the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in Winston-Salem and in Edison Nation Medical in Charlotte.  For more information, visit