Diōko Ventures' Portfolio


Clinical Ink

Clinical Ink pioneered the development of eSource technology for use in clinical trials. The company’s innovative approach has been recognized by the Society of Clinical Data Management, Microsoft, and Gartner Research as having “significant disruptive potential”. SureSource™ replaces paper source documents and CRFs with intuitive electronic forms that maintain the natural workflow, ease of use, and mobility of paper charts

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RubiconMD, a healthcare technology service, connects primary care providers to top specialists, enabling quick remote opinions that eliminate unnecessary visits, reduce patient wait time and alleviate travel burden. We drive meaningful results by bringing appropriate clinical expertise into the primary care setting

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Novarus healthcare

Novarus Healthcare is innovating healthcare and benefits through creative, value-driven partnerships, and progressive mobile and web technology

Saferide health

Saferide is rebuilding medical transportation to reduce patient risk and streamline care coordination for the 3.6 million Americans that miss medical appointments because they lack quality public transit or don't have a car, costing the health care system an estimated $150 billion in delays. 


Healthy Bytes focuses on insurance, so dietitians can focus on clients. Exciting changes in nutritional counseling reimbursement make this the time to become a provider! Many dietitians find they earn more money and are able to grow their practices faster if they become insurance providers.

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ShiftWizard is a leading workforce management solution developed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. ShiftWizard was the first 100% web-based workforce scheduling solution on the market. ShiftWizard’s SaaS solution delivers integrated workforce automation capabilities including scheduling, productivity, and forecasting.

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NVOLVE's medication adherence system is simpler and more advanced than any system on the market today. The NVOLVE medication box was designed from the ground up, with significant improvements for aging patients and medication management services. Patients simply store the medication box in the NVOLVE base station, where we monitor when and how much medication is being taken and intervene when necessary.